Brandi Young

While residing near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania since 2016, Brandi was born and raised in the Appalachian Region of Eastern Kentucky. Around the age of 8, Briz started drawing fashion illustrations of models from magazines after school.  When Briz wasn't drawing portraits at home, she was doodling graffiti in her school notebooks. At the age of 15, Brandi was hired for her first art related job by a local photographer where she painted a graffiti style mural for Senior portraits.


In 2007, Brandi graduated high school at 17. During these times before the rise of social media, an art career was very unrealistic. So, like a lot of teens, Brandi attended community college. This path didn't work out in her favor and Brandi dropped out after three semesters.  Fortunately, even though this direction didn't work for Brandi, she met her soul mate, Bruce, during the first semester.


Once Brandi met Bruce, they soon moved in together and decided to get engaged. For two broke kids with no financial help, living in Appalachia wasn't easy, especially while Bruce was attending college. At this point, drawing was just something that only happened on rare occasions. Instead, Brandi started making jewelry again and began selling locally in 2010 for added income.


In 2012, Bruce finished college and the two got married at the local courthouse. Not long after they got married, Bruce took a traveling assignment in another state and they began planning for a move. Brandi knew she needed a way to sell her handmade items online,    

When she isn't creating works of art, Brandi shares her life with her husband Bruce and fur baby Jinx. Soulmates since 2007, Brandi and Bruce spend their time traveling, attending concerts, and filling their home with love laughter music. And of course, cuddling up to Jinx 

In Loving Memory

Kitty Young

(Former Art Assistant)

June 2007-May 2019