Welcome to BrizBazaar - An artist brand based out of Pennsylvania. Founded by Brandi Young (aka Briz), BrizBazaar got its official start by licensing artwork and collaborating with various brands in 2016. You've probably seen our designs featured with brands such as like Electro Threads, iEDM, Diamond Art Club, Moodmats, and V1Tech. 

We offer a variety of our own merchandise where we use third parties to create most of our products, but the t-shirts you see here are created by us in house! More info on our tees coming soon...

Prefer to shop on Etsy? Visit our storefront and check out our 5 star rating!


Meet the Team


Brandi Young


Brandi aka BRIZ is the founder and artist behind BrizBazaar. She creates all designs & content for social media.


Bruce Young

Manager/Print Production

Bruce is our general manager here at BrizBazaar. He tends to majority logistics and is the "cook" of our graphic tees.