Brandi Young, otherwise known as "brizbazaar", is a graphic psychedelic artist who's work focuses around sacred geometry, spirituality, space, aliens, pop culture, and funky good vibez. Briz creates funkadelic designs that exercise the mind of the observer.

Briz is a self taught traditional & digital artist, born & raised in the Appalachian Region of Eastern Kentucky. Born to a creative family in '89, Briz began drawing at an early age; focusing on fashion illustration and portrait art. In her late teens/early twenties, she began exploring zendoodles, creating quirky floral designs in her sketchbooks. 


In 2015, Briz embraced her talent and pursued an art career with portrait art. While taking on commissions for friends, Briz began sharing her graphic designs on social media and selling her work on multiple print on demand sites.    

In 2016, Briz's art caught the attention of clothing brand "Electro Threads" and she was hired as an exclusive artist. Since then, Briz has created dozens of designs that are used by the brand. 


Since launching her art career in 2015, Briz has worked with multiple small brands and been interviewed for radio podcasts. In 2018, Briz had her worked featured in New York's "Meditation Magazine" and developed a small line of clothing for them.

When she isn't creating works of art, Brandi shares her life with her husband Bruce and fur baby Jinx. Soulmates since 2007, Brandi and Bruce spend their time traveling, attending concerts, and filling their home with love laughter music. And of course, cuddling up to Jinx 

In Loving Memory

Kitty Young
(Former Art Assistant/Mascot)
June 2007-May 2019